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Release on: 02 May 2024

Fourth Quarterly Lucky Draw Results of HIES 2023 Announced

  The one-year data collection for the Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2023 (HIES 2023) has been completed. Survey results will be released in the third quarter this year. The Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) expressed its appreciation for the support and cooperation of the community and the public in providing accurate information.

  DSEC remarked that multiple modes were offered to households to complete the survey, including online submission means via the DSEC website, the DSEC mobile app, and the“Government Statistical Questionnaires” service at the “Macao One Account”. In the HIES 2023, online completion accounted for 45.0% of the completed questionnaires, a significant rise in proportion as compared to the prior rounds of survey.

Survey Incentives for Cooperating Households

  In appreciation of the support and cooperation from the households, all households that complete the survey will receive completion incentives and will automatically enter the “Cooperating Households Lucky Draw” to win an electronic red packet of MOP5,000.

  The fourth quarterly Cooperating Households Lucky Draw was conducted on 26 April, and a total of 10 winning households were drawn. The reference numbers of the winning households are 20534-1, 22243-1, 22369-1, 22568-1, 23111-1, 24142-1, 24435-1, 26104-1, 26539-1 and 26563-1. The winning households will be notified by post.

Survey Results Reflect Consumption Patterns and Income Distribution of Households

  The HIES is conducted once every five years. Survey results will reflect the consumption patterns and income distribution of households. They will be used for the revision of the Consumer Price Index, and serve as an important reference source for the Government in the formulation of social and economic policies. For more information about the HIES 2023, please visit the survey website at (

Director Vong Sin Man draws the winners for the Cooperating Households Lucky Draw

The fourth quarterly winners list of Cooperating Households Lucky Draw of HIES 2023