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Release on: 26 March 2023

Household Income and Expenditure Survey Begins; Respondents Urged to Complete Online Survey or Schedule Face-to-face Interview


  The Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2023 (HIES 2023) commenced today (26 March), and the one-year data collection period will end on 23 March 2024. The Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) will collect data from a total of 8,320 housing units in 26 bi-weekly cycles, and 320 units will be visited in each cycle. DSEC appeals to the households of the selected units to cooperate and provide accurate information.

Respondents Encouraged to Complete Online Survey or Schedule Face-to-face Interview

  Households of the selected units will receive a notification letter from DSEC about a week prior to the start of the survey cycle. Households who opt for online completion may access the Online Questionnaire System by scanning the QR code on the notification letter, or by visiting the HIES 2023 website ( Alternatively, they may schedule face-to-face interviews with an enumerator by calling the hotline at 8809 8809.

  Regardless of the data submission method, each selected household has to complete 1 main questionnaire. Besides, household members aged 16 and above are required to complete an Expense Diary for 7 consecutive days.

Multimedia Materials to Assist Households in Completing Survey

  To facilitate completion of questionnaires, demonstration videos, infographics and FAQs are available on the survey website ( for households to better understand the survey procedures and other relevant information.

Online Completion

Face-to-face interview and paper questionnaire

Identify an enumerator

Beware of Scam Calls

  In view of a recent increase in telephone deception cases, DSEC urges the public to remain vigilant and guard against phone scammers impersonating government officers to ask for personal information or money. DSEC restated that the enumerators will only call households via the contact number previously provided by the households to verify questionnaire responses. They will not ask for information like ID card, bank account or credit card number, nor will they demand any fees. In case of doubt, households should call the hotline 8809 8809 immediately to verify the identity of the enumerator.

Security Measures to Protect Data Provided

  In accordance with the regulations of statistical confidentiality, DSEC keeps the information provided by the respondents in strict confidence. All data collected are used solely for statistical purposes and will only be published in aggregate form after processing. In addition, information collected via online questionnaire or enumerator’s mobile phone is encrypted during transmission. Therefore, households can be assured that their data will be safeguarded.

Survey Incentives for Participating Households

  In appreciation of the support and cooperation from the participating households, households who complete the online questionnaire will be given “Online Completion Incentives”. Moreover, households who complete the HIES 2023, regardless of their data submission method, will automatically enter “Cooperating Households Lucky Draw” to win great prizes.

  For more information on the HIES 2023, please visit the survey website ( or call the hotline at 8809 8809.