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Release on: 29 December 2011

List of Winners of the “Population Count via SMS”

 “Population Count via SMS”, the game organized by the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) in July and August 2011, has been well-received by the public. At the press conference on the release of the Preliminary Results of 2011 Population Census, Director of DSEC draws out ten winners from the correct entries, as follows:

Fong Iok Ieng (6239 XXXX), Leong Sio Lun (6693 XXXX), Fong Iu Meng (6615 XXXX),
Sou Son Leong (6666 XXXX), Vu Chan Tong (6613 XXXX), Lam Sao Va (6699 XXXX),
Tam Tou Man (6232 XXXX), Lam Chi Fai (6661 XXXX), Un Chun (6356 XXXX),  
Poon Chi Hin (6219 XXXX).

 DSEC staff will contact the winners to collect the prize and the list will be posted at the Census website: To collect their prizes, the winners should go in-person to the DSEC office at Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpção, No. 411-417, Dynasty Plaza, 17th floor before 31 March 2012, together with their Macao Resident Identity Card and the confirmation SMS from DSEC. For inquiries, please contact    8399 5311.