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Release on: 03 November 2023

Second Quarterly Lucky Draw Results of HIES 2023 Announced

  Data collection for the first six months of the one-year Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2023 (HIES 2023) has concluded. As at the end of the second quarter, the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) collected data from a total of 2,754 residential units, with 1,111 units completing the online questionnaire, which accounted for 40.3% of the completed questionnaires.

  DSEC has begun the third quarterly data collection. Households of the selected residential units will receive a notification letter from DSEC about a week prior to the start of the survey. Households may complete the online questionnaire by scanning the QR code on the notification letter, or make an interview appointment with an enumerator by calling the hotline at 8809 8809. To ensure the quality of the data collected, enumerators may revisit or call the households for data verification or obtaining supplementary information during the data collection period.

Survey Incentives for Cooperating Households

  In appreciation of the support and cooperation from the households, households who complete the online questionnaire will receive “Online Completion Incentives”. In addition, households who complete the survey, regardless of their submission method, will automatically enter the “Cooperating Households Lucky Draw” to win an electronic red packet of MOP5,000.

  The second quarterly Cooperating Households Lucky Draw was conducted on 27 October, and a total of 10 winning households were drawn. The reference numbers of the winning households are 08423-1, 08523-1, 09247-1, 11108-1, 11141-1, 12556-1, 13201-1, 13342-1, 13364-1 and 13372-1. The winning households will be notified by post.

  DSEC conducts HIES 2023 in accordance with the Decree Law no. 62/96/M, which stipulates that all survey respondents must provide the required information within the specified period. DSEC calls on the selected households to cooperate with the survey and provide accurate information. For more details, please visit the HIES 2023 website( or call the hotline at 8809 8809.

Director Ieong Meng Chao draws the winners of the Cooperating Households Lucky Draw

The second quarterly winners list of Cooperating Households Lucky Draw of HIES 2023