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Results & Geographic Information System (GIS) of the 2011 Population Census released
The Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) releases detailed results of the 2011 Population Census, analyzing changes in the demographic characteristics over the past decade;at the same time, Geographic Information System (GIS) of the 2011 Population Census is readily accessible at the DSEC website. (More Details)
Detailed Results of 2021 Population Census
Total population of Macao was 682,070 in August 2021 and the average annual growth was 2.1% over the past decade. Women continued to outnumber men in Macao, with females and males accounting for 53.0% and 47.0% of the total population respectively. As population ageing accelerated, the median age of the total population went up by 1.4 to 38.4 from ten years ago. Number of households totalled 202,727 and the average household size was 2.98 persons. (More Details)
Preliminary results of the 2021 Population Census released by the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) indicated that the total population of Macao was 682,100 in August 2021, an increase of 23.5% compared to 2011; the average annual growth was 2.1% over the past decade. Total number of households rose by 18.7% from ten years ago to 202,700, and the average household size was 2.98 persons. (More Details)
Fourth Quarterly Lucky Draw Results of HIES 2023 Announced
The Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) announced the reference numbers of the 10 winning households of the fourth quarterly Cooperating Households Lucky Draw. (More Details)
List of Winners of the “Population Count via SMS”
“Population Count via SMS”, the game organized by the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) in July and August 2011, has been well-received by the public. At the press conference on the release of the Preliminary Results of 2011 Population Census, Director of DSEC draws out ten winners from the correct entries, as follows: (More Details)
2011 Population Census
Results of the 2011 Census Cooperating Households Lucky Draw

Prize Household reference no.
First Prize: MOP30,000 electrical goods voucher 041510579
Second Prize: MOP20,000 electrical goods voucher 111533064
Third Prize: MOP10,000 electrical goods voucher 125541760
Incentive Prize (50): MOP1,000 supermarket
shopping vouchers
023541943 041210497 044421585 063441497 093420554
024210867 041220127 044520881 064130860 094440124
024531416 041220382 045210101 064440766 095141467
025130602 042130395 045331809 071221888 101330166
025140593 042220092 045431544 072310642 103331673
032540229 042430960 051240309 074120997 110021203
034131518 043131605 052120158 083221151 124130081
034231551 044130019 053521914 084540096 125420664
035510395 044220174 054341417 091140909 131250973
040011329 044221459 063321320 091141055 133431527
1.     Congratulations to the winning households. All winning households will be notified by DSEC staff.
2.     First, Second and Third Prizes will be awarded to the winning households at the dinner gala for the Official Statistics Day of Macao on 21 October.
3.     The 50 winning households of the Incentive Prize shall collect their prize in person at the Documentation and Information Centre of DSEC (Alameda Dr. Carlos d'Assumpção, No. 411-417, Dynasty Plaza, 17th floor) between 24 October and 30 December during office hours (09:00 - 17:30) by presenting the prize notification letter, their identity card and a proof (e.g. water, electricity or phone bill, etc.) containing their name and the address of the household.
4.     For enquiries, please contact Ms. Choi at 8399 5321.