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Release on: 24 October 2011

Official Statistics Day to Celebrate Conclusion of 2011 Census
To Address the New Challenges Ahead

October 23 marks the Official Statistics Day of Macao. In celebration of the 2011 Official Statistics Day, the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) hosted a dinner on 21 October with members of the Consultative Committee on Statistics (CCE) and staff of DSEC, to show appreciation for their effort and contributions to Official Statistics, and conclusion of data collection for the 2011 Population Census. Besides, representatives of the lucky households who win the top three prizes from the “Cooperating Households Lucky Draw of the 2011 Census” are invited to receive the prizes.

Director of DSEC, Kong Pek Fong points out that 2011 is a year full of challenges for DSEC, in addition to its plan of work, DSEC is given the responsibility to conduct the decennial population census, which has been completed smoothly with full dedication and commitment of the Census staff. On behalf of DSEC, she thanks the cooperation of the residents, total support of the local community and kind assistance of government departments that have contributed towards “Knowing the Present for a Better Tomorrow”. Kong also extends her sincere gratitude to the members of CCE for their supervision and invaluable comments, and compliments the staff for their work of excellence.

Regarding the upcoming plan of work for 2012, subsequent to the dissemination of the preliminary Census results in December 2011, DSEC will endeavour to prepare detailed results and the “2011 Census Geographical Information System” that are scheduled to be released simultaneously in April 2012; besides, information on “Population Projection of Macao, 2011-2036” will be published in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Kong Pek Fong, Director of DSEC, presents the Prizes to the winners of the 2011 Census Cooperating Households Lucky Draw