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Release on: 16 March 2023

Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2023 to Begin on 26 March; Greater Convenience with Online Questionnaire


  The Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) is conducted once every five years in Macao to collect the latest data on income and expenditure of local households, which is in line with international practice. As affected by the coronavirus pandemic, data collection for the HIES 2023 originally scheduled for January this year has been delayed until 26 March. The one-year data collection period will end on 23 March 2024.

Receiving notification letter about 7 days prior to the start of survey

  The survey period is divided into 26 bi-weekly cycles and 320 housing units are visited in each cycle to ensure the data collected will fully reflect the consumption patterns and habits of households across different seasons. Households of the selected units will receive a notification letter from the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) about 7 days prior to the start of the survey. Households may provide information via online completion or face-to-face interview.

  Regardless of data submission method, every selected household has to complete 1 main questionnaire, providing information on housing characteristics, basic characteristics of household members, and income and expenditure of the household. In addition, each household member aged 16 or over has to complete an Expense Diary, recording details of their expenses for 7 consecutive days.

Greater convenience with online questionnaire

Online Completion

  To facilitate submission of data, an Online Questionnaire System is available for respondents to complete the HIES 2023. Respondents may access the system by scanning the QR code on the notification letter or by visiting the HIES 2023 website ( submitted online are encrypted during transmission to ensure data confidentiality and security.

Call 8809 8809 to schedule an interview appointment

Face-to-face interview and paper questionnaire

Identify an enumerator

  Households may also provide information via a face-to-face interview with an enumerator by calling the hotline at 8809 8809 to arrange an appointment. The visiting enumerator, who wears a navy blue uniform bearing the DSEC logo and carries a grey work bag, will present his or her ID badge upon arrival and verify the address with the household. If necessary, households may view or verify the identity of the enumerator by scanning the QR code on the notification letter or by calling the hotline at 8809 8809.

Appeal for support and accuracy of information

  HIES results will be used to revise the items in the basket of the Consumer Price Index, and are useful for the analysis of the consumption patterns and income distribution of the households. They also serve as an important reference source for the Government in the formulation of social and economic policies. DSEC appeals to the public for their support and cooperation, and pledges to comply strictly with the regulations of statistical confidentiality. All personal information shall be kept in strict confidence and respondents can be assured that their data will be safeguarded.

  For more information about the HIES 2023, please visit the survey website at ( call the hotline at 8809 8809.