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Release on: 24 August 2020

2021 Population Census Pilot Survey Successfully Completed DSEC Thanks Households for Their Support

The 15-day data collection for the 2021 Population Census Pilot Survey has been successfully completed. The Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) recruited about 100 temporary workers to help collect data from more than 9,000 residential, industrial and commercial building units in the selected area along Estrada da Areia Preta and Avenida de Venceslau de Morais. The entire operation run smoothly, and the overall completion rate stood at 94.9%, with 21.8% of the households having completed the online questionnaire.

DSEC stated that the Pilot Survey is crucial to streamline the operation of the 2021 Population Census as it helps to test the work procedures and examine the reliability and validity of the questionnaire.

As a token of appreciation, households that completed the online questionnaire between 8 and 17 August are automatically entered into the “Early Completion for Greater Chance of Winning Lucky Draw”, and a total of 80 prizes will be given. Moreover, all households that completed the questionnaire during the survey period (8 to 22 August) are automatically entered into the “Cooperating Households Lucky Draw” to win fabulous prizes; the list of winning households will be announced after the draw on 30 September. For more information about the lucky draws, please visit the webpage of the 2021 Population Census Pilot Survey (www.dsec.gov.mo/Censos2021).

DSEC extends gratitude to the public for their support and cooperation to the Pilot Survey, and expresses sincere thanks to the Census staff for their effort and dedication to the operation. The 2021 Population Census, which covers all building units in Macao, is the largest statistical project in the Macao SAR. DSEC appeals for the continued support of the public to the 2021 Population Census.