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Release on: 14 August 2020

2021 Population Census Pilot Survey sees satisfactory progress DSEC encourages households to complete online questionnaire

The Pilot Survey for the 2021 Population Census enters its seventh day of data collection with satisfactory progress. Until yesterday noon (13 August), Census officers have visited 8,117 units among a total of over 9,000 building units within the Pilot Survey area. A total of 5,028 households have completed the survey questionnaire, with 1,213 households submitting data through the online system.  The Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) conveys its appreciation for the support and cooperation of the households.

The Pilot Survey for the 2021 Population Census covers the residential, industrial and commercial units located in the selected area along Estrada da Areia Preta and Avenida de Venceslau de Morais, and the target respondents are individuals living or staying in these units. Households that choose to respond to the survey online have to activate their access to the online questionnaire and complete the survey available at the webpage of the 2021 Population Census Pilot Survey (www.dsec.gov.mo/Censos2021) by 17 August. If households cannot complete the questionnaire before the due date, Census officers will visit the households for data collections. Moreover, households may also call the hotline at 8809 8809 to schedule an in-person interview.

DSEC stated that the decennial population census is the largest statistical project in Macao, both in scale and coverage. This Pilot Survey is a crucial part of conducting the 2021 Population Census. DSEC called for the residents’ continued support and cooperation to the Pilot Survey in preparing for a smooth operation of the 2021 Population Census. For details about the Pilot Survey for the 2021 Population Census, please visit www.dsec.gov.mo/Censos2021 or call the hotline at 8809 8809 for enquiries.